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73. Catharsis

I bet I'm not the only cat household who has had this dream. This is inspired by Khaleesi, of whom I made one of my first comics.

72. A sock story

I make no apologies for the sock on sock action.

71. My curvy sidechick

Alternate, Lynchian ending:

70. Only 2018's kids will get this

The game is Red Dead Redemption 2. It's the funnest game I'll never finish. Update: Still haven't finished it (2/21/19) Update: Finished it! (12/1/2020)

69. The newlyweds discover operant conditioning

Roxanne did the lettering!

68. How do you solve a problem like Venezuela?

This experience makes me think twice about giving my opinions about countries I have no part of. Sorry Britain, for calling you an imbecile for Brexit! Sorry Spain for saying the Catalan exit was misguided and ridiculous. Sorry Saudi Arabia for saying you were a backwards country whose stranglehold on women's rights is such that we were forced to celebrate the small win of letting women drive! Ok maybe I'm not so sorry. But I promise to research more and more when I cross international lines.

67. Breaking News

Overthinking is my superpower! Also, I prefer simpler solutions! I think those two statements contradict each other! No they don't! Maybe... Still, I stand by both!

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