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44. Who really opposes Universal Background Checks?

I'm really tired of the debate, so I'll just poke fun at it. Everyone who knows me knows that I am biased against the careless and wild adoration and accumulation of guns. There's an emotional aspect to this, as I have been the victim of gun violence. In my case the only thing that would have helped is less guns, not more good guys with guns. The one thing that frustrates me is the reluctance to do anything. The arguments against universal background checks from the NRA are repetitious as ever . Their argument goes a little like this: "We shouldn't compel a universal background check for all sales of all weapons because it wouldn't stop all crime and people could still get guns from the black market". However, they tacitly acknowledge that it could have stopped some. Over 3 million denials since the Brady act in the nineties. Not all of them found their way to the black market. Lives have been saved, guaranteed. The link from the NRA also shows h

43. Good choices are not my forte

All manner of horrors follow me, frustrated at my inattention.

42. Gospel

We all have a message to give. I just hope I don't end up going door to door for it.

41. There’s a special place

Lucky to find a girl that is nauseated by prescribed, mass produced messages in home decor. They would be in our hellscape for sure!

40. Mass psychosis?

Last week, I was talking about my hardships with cohabitation and the difficulty of creating the routines necessary for a succesful household. Two married men shared with me this theory they had at the beginning of their marriage. I realized that I had it too... the feeling that getting into a routine is a fastrack to death. There’s good news, though... they all shed that belief and were beaten to docility. So there’s hope for me.

39. Record Year

What’s your high score? I got all of them. All of the awkwards.

38. Academia nuts

I got out before the last stop, but I feel it's pretty accurate!

37. It's the little things

My job is famously bereft of constant recognition, feedback or immediate tangible outcomes. So it's nice really when we do find out we didn't really ruin people's life.

36. Bilinguish

Still trips me up sometimes.

35. Doubt is sexier than certainty

One of the most interesting anecdotal characteristics of the impostor phenomenon , is that it never seems to occur on those that would benefit the most from it: like autocrats and dictators. It is always adored and revered people like Neil Gaiman who mention their experiences with it. In that journal entry he writes a line that always resonated with me. “And I felt a bit better. Because if Neil Armstrong felt like an imposter, maybe everyone did. Maybe there weren’t any grown-ups, only people who had worked hard and also got lucky and were slightly out of their depth, all of us doing the best job we could, which is all we can really hope for.”

34. Stereotypes

Perhaps I am a daywalker, able to barely pass as a member of both cultures?

33. Estereotipos

Besides my pale skin, there were quite a bit of elements that separated me from my fellow latinos. For one, I was the only one of my friends that craved Pop Tarts. Here are a few of those differences, but the list is longer. I am sure I am not the only one with ethnic identity gaps like this, it’s probably a very universal feeling to feel like one doesn’t belong! Template:

32. Why we don't get invited to some parties

We come with our own record scratch

31. Pandora's dorks

Who are shitposters? How did we create them? Do we deserve them? Will we ever stop crapposting or giving them attention?

30. Get Your Mental Health

30 comics in under one month. That was the goal I set for myself once I found a creative outlet to my thoughts. I end this run with a plug for mental health. I suffer from anxiety, depression and other issues off and on. It's just the way it is and I am happy with who I am. However, being happy with who you are doesn't need to lead to stagnation. Therapy and other solutions are there for you to explore avenues for change and well-being. In this past year I have learned a lot of things I don't want to pursue and a few things I want to pursue. Through therapy I was able to admit to myself what these things are. I will continue working on this blog, but not at the breakneck speed I have so far. It was a delightful obsession, but now it has to become a sustainable one.  Thanks to all who have been with me in these first 30!

29. Awareness

This will hurt. It hurt me. When I came to the United States I was pretty libertarian. Success was everywhere for those who put on bootstraps, I thought. I was handed the white supremacist robe when I learned about redlining , job searches , criminal sentencing , health disparities , gun ownership disparities and black people's own perceptions of themselves . Denying that these things exist is not only false, but it creates stagnation. We have a lot of work to do, but it starts with realizing our part of the problem.

28. Troubleshooting of the sexes

Why must we be so different? In what part of my life did I get rewarded for being a mansplaining problem solver and my wife got rewarded for being empathetic and caring?

27. Cheesed

Apparently, this is something the male of the species consistently does... asking about something before putting the effort to look for it even a smidgeon prior to that.The female of the species swallows it with pride, and shows the poor bastard the way.

26. Sorry for this

Alexa, Roomba and Siri have heard me apologize. They have not acknowledged my apologies, which makes me feel a little bit weird about it.

25. Scorched Michigan

Okay. Even if you are a centrist, as I aspire to be, you have to wonder. This bill passed in the Michigan house last night along party lines. It is a 2 pager with a massive legislative scope. It states, very succinctly:  "THE LEGISLATURE AND EACH HOUSE OF THE LEGISLATURE IS HEREBY AUTHORIZED AND EMPOWERED TO INTERVENE IN ANY ACTION COMMENCED IN ANY COURT OF THIS STATE WHENEVER THE LEGISLATURE OR A HOUSE OF THE LEGISLATURE DEEMS SUCH INTERVENTION NECESSARY IN ORDER TO PROTECT ANY RIGHT OR INTEREST OF THIS STATE, OR OF THAT BODY. " I'm not smart enough to prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is a bill to protect people's asses now that the three blue ladies are in. However this bill really muzzles the power of our Attorney General elect (Dana Nessel, pictured above), who had the right to intervene in these matters prior to this bill. It passed last night 58-50 in the house.  It feels like even if you assume the best intentions of the bill, which

24. Why I married her

Every once in a while, my wife comes out with a random remark to strangers that takes everyone for surprise. I just adore her.

23. It goes both ways.

I am sure that the forced conventions of organizations can be awkward for all of us. I mean, we don’t do this at the bar. Like ask people to shout out their name, position and what kind of bodily fluid they would be. It only happens in our workplace, shielded by our uncomfortable clothes and the flawed notion that there’s a reason for every meeting that we have.

22. Skin Tone Deaf

Language and racial terms vary across the globe, making a complex matter even more complex. I love it though, the world would be boring otherwise.

20. Driving her crazy

But seriously, I'm really good at 1990's 2d fps maps so there's that.

19. Inquiring minds

Today we are car shopping. Me good asset to bring.

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