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241. Killer Formula

I blame our base impulses. “Making a Murderer” showed us all how much we wanted to believe in people’s innocence against the police. The little guy was a victim of the shoddy and authoritarian police force! Yes, that may have been true in part but the victim is also an animal-torturing, woman stalking person who extremely likely did the murders when all the evidence is presented.  It started a wave of documentaries casting doubt on totally guilty people. We all want to believe the little guy against the system, like in Serial and others. But honestly, some of these peeps are bad mofos and do not need our defense.  What's next, a 7 season long doc on WW2? "Hitler: Victim of Nuremberg or Authoritarian Genocidal Maniac" Are we not entertained enough?

240. Seeking Truth

This is another of my fantasies in which I'm not at fault for my sloppy household skills.  I usually avoid gender stereotypes. I believe every man can be as strong as an average single mom and every woman could be as evil as your toxically raised man. When it comes to the phenomena described in today's comic, I have my doubts. When have you seen the perceptively poor behavior occur in a woman? When has it been a woman, by biology or by identity, the one who says "I can't find it?" Never! Whether it is a husband to a wife or a boy to a mom, it is only males who fumble about and give goofy glances and fail to find things. If there's one thing I know at age 45 it is that men, boys and adults are not good at looking for things and that it is in our gender. I imagine some of you may be thinking that this is a lazy cop-out, but I am confident that academia will find proof of this self-evident assertion!  Thus, I implore women, have pity on us.... there may be somet

239. Distressing

There's no way that Elon thought his move through. Some people hypothesize that he is playing 4-D chess, but honestly I doubt he's even playing Candyland. The only way I can see this purchase as successful is if his goal was curing people's addiction to Twitter or increasing the amount of dirt in the world.  Any wired person alive the past 20 years would have been able to tell you that his ideal Twitter was done in the past, but it was called 4-Chan. And what a cesspool that was. I won't deny I went there in search for memes when I was younger, but I always needed to wash my hands afterwards. And yes, I'm a bit bitter about the whole thing. I loved twitter for political analysis, art groups and just getting a relative feel about the world. Now, the opinions you see highlighted are just signaling that someone is dumb enough to pay Elon $8 a month. No credentials, no expertise, just money. I even made quite a bit of dough with my Twitter stock and still believe it was