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225. Rules Of Engagement

I think the moral of the story here is, uhm, not to subcontract your proposal. It was easier to avoid doing that before. Nowadays, it seems you have to have a photographer, a scriptwriter and a social media intern, just to get hitched. Back in the old days (2015) you just arm-wrestled the lady’s dad and ran a few fetch quests for the mom. But, no, things have to be so complicated and showy these days. You can’t just like find out what sex your child will be, you gotta invite a few people and risk first-degree burns. You have to film the whole thing and have a commentary track, explaining exactly how much C4 you used on the giant paper mache uterus.  None of the young people these days get to be engaged spontaneously with a 30-cent ring, drunk off your asses and each other in a foreign shore, and it shows. Honestly I feel bad for my fellow introverts, this new world seems to have a higher and higher cost for just living and being present. You have to be there with intensity, with video

224. Market Bear

I love stonks! I'm a boring stock owner though, no options, no meme stocks, no timing the market. I buy companies that I believe will have growth over 10 years and I hold them.  It's literally the watching-glaciers-melt of the stock world, but it's served me well. During the height of our last bull market I got a bit carried away and tested out some new things, like options, meme stocks and a few alt coins. I won some and lost some more last year, but it felt a lot more like gambling than investing.  I met tons of peeps like my version of Cocaine Bear during that time. They all gave me the whole stock-broker-on-copious-amounts-of-blow vibe. Because what could go wrong when you combine financial decisions with a drug that makes you feel unbeatable and overfilled with confidence? I can't wait for the movie Cocaine Bear, but I think my version would be fly AF too.  

223. The Bark Knight

Sometimes, I am driven by an idea. Like "how do I draw the effects of algorithms ?", or "why do some groups love people who rock bottom ?" Today, I'm driven by "what if Batman was dumb dog lol". I never said I was proud of what I do, how I do it or why I do it. It just is. Extra Panel…