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66. It takes two...


65. Farewell tour

His last tweets are like some mad scramble to hold his base.

64. A nation of addicts

If you had already demonized the Covington kids before reading. If you laugh at "we need us some climate change up in here".  If your feeds include the Huffington Post or the Drudge Report. You may be addicted! Some tips: -Every once in a while, read an article from a smart person you don't agree with (Yes, they exist). -Don't read articles whose title are meant to excite you: "Trump is a conman" "Climate Change Scientist admits he's wrong" -Look at the sources when broad claims are made. Don't assume they are right just because you agree with them. We've all screwed up in this world of information overload. Be aware of what you do when you repost, or even click on an article. May we be cleansed! Bonus: Look how this post in reddit created a massive backlash!

63. Ravaging

I truly know I'm in denial about aging, yet some days I look at the mirror and don't understand some of my new "features".

62. My mom's short adventure

Lady parts do seem to make everything harder. I am more and more aware of this and I'm so sorry.

61. Sweater Weather

This happens to me an inordinate amount of times. I'm stuck on an airport so I was able to vent with a toon.

60. Digito Mori

We are leaving all kinds of different traces nowadays!

59. Buggatarians

You know they are coming for dinner one day! The first thing they'll let you know is that it's actually called entomophagy. This article is worth a read ... "My first meal taught me that crickets taste like dirt." "I woke up feeling depressed."But then I threw it up and continued to cry." Just the kind of reactions I fear!

58. Ocasio's Cock

My money is on her in this twitterfight!

57. Barking Mad

Did you know dogs bark in different languages? Well they don't, but  for some reason we do  onomatopeya them completely different! Inspired by a curious Czech girl.

56. Meta Dysmorphia

When even your creations don't measure up to their expectations!

55. Razor Thin

In all honesty though, I love the ad .

54. Hamberders


53. The cycle

I am constantly in this loop of wanting to do too much and then realizing I'm doing too much and then realizing I'm not doing enough. Is this what being an adult is like? The cycle knows.

52. I miss facts

The last one is killing us.

51. Piled On

From the vantage point of this respite I'm having from depression, thanks to therapy, medication and love; I can describe a bit how it felt. Not only does it not help knowing that you have 'no reason to be depressed', that knowledge is part of the stereophonic,self-hating dialogue that keeps you depressed. Guilt and depression like to hang out together, but the truth is that depression doesn't care about success. So don't be too hard on the successful depressed, their suffering is likely as real as anybody's. 

50. Psychology 101

This is not original material. Someone told me a version of this joke back in 1999 when I was starting my studies in psychology. It was a great way to learn about the different disciplines, in a caricaturization. My chosen discipline is behaviorism, which focuses on behavior and the environment. We don’t know or worry much about what happens in that little noggin of ours, we mostly care about our overt behavior and the observable conditions that change it. It is perfect for me, as I find that the soft squishy feely feely stuff is hard to understand, control and replicate. And no, I don't mean penis when saying "soft squishy feely feely".

49. I took my wife to Venezuela once

Her autumnal red hair was not the most surprising thing about her to the locals! People did ask us literally if we really meant "not even chicken".

48. Prepositions part 3: Khaleesi takes a knee

Nothing should be in somebody's lap! And yet, both are acceptable uses.

47. Prepositions Part 2: An Eris Mattress

You are considered to be "in the bed" when you have a flimsy fabric on? Nay, I say. Go all the way, be inside the bed. Otherwise you're on the bed.

46. Prepositions Part 1: A Twinkle in Time

If you are a native English speaker, this may not weird you as it does English-as-a-second-language folks. We don’t make the distinction between in-on in Spanish, we can use other prepositions (inside/ atop) to guide us. Things get funny with English, specially when dealing with abstract concepts. How can I always be "on time", but "in time I will learn something"? What dictates these functions? It’s madness I say! More tomorrow.

45. It gets emotional

This isn't about boys and girls. My mother is not famous for her emotional literacy, and I love her to pieces. I have met men who leave most women in the dust when it comes to describing their emotional landscape. However, it is a characteristic in which people vary. I am trying to learn, to become better with my words. The emotional wheel observed here is based on the Junto wheel , if you are curious about it please mosey on to their website and discover.

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