150. Waiting for you

Isn’t it weird how there’s always someone waiting at the bottom of the pit?  I know this is a snarky, cynical look at recovery but... I  don’t actually have a but, I’m just an a-hole sometimes. I don’t really care that people need culty things to help them get out of rock bottom, it’s that they become super annoying about it. Every person’s path is so completely different, what one person is lacking is not comparable to what most other fellow humans are lacking. And yet, you always get that guy that “Bro, do you even lift”’s you. Or that person that assures you, their church is different, their church is the true path. Or that guy with the five o’clock shadow that swears that focusing solely on work took him out of his despair.

No Chad, I don’t think going to the gym 6 times a week is going to solve this ennui that I feel right now. This transitory feeling that life is just an experiment conducted by an AI simulation and I am in the control group, yeah I don’t think I can just church that one out, Nancy. That slightly familiar feeling that everyone is in on a massive hidden camera show for timeless beings in a distant planet is not gonna be solved with an extra helping of your Amway product either, Karen. And no Bob, when I’m battling with the futility of all our earthy endeavors, diving headfirst into my work inbox is not exactly going to take the edge off.  I’ll take whiskey and therapy for the time being, thank you very much.

Extra Panel:

Eggs won’t cut it either G.


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