191. Mr. Fix-It

I'm not what most humans between the age of 18-75 would call "handy." Sure, I've fixed my dishwasher and my laundry washer a few times; but only because I really, really need those things to work. And I muttered ‘righty, tighty lefty, loosy’ the whole time. And there's always extra pieces when I'm done, which I contribute to the special drawer we all have but don't talk about.
I have severe drill anxiety (Freud just raised a very judgmental spectral eyebrow). I mean, if you somehow screw up the location of your drilling, those holes aren't going to un-drill themselves are they? And what do you fill those holes with if you mess it up? Elmer's glue? Coconut Oil? Nobody taught me these things. My dad taught me how to program in Basic and my Mom taught me unconditional love. None of those things prepared me for this whole growing up scam. 

I do have to give it up for YouTube though. I'd have negative handiness if it weren't for those how-to videos. Although I've seen hundreds about folding a fitted sheet and I'm convinced they use CGI. There's no way anyone actually knows how to do that without your sheet looking like it has a malignant fabric tumor.

Anyhoo, here are the extra panels:

If you've done comics for at least one day, you have been told that your creation would have been better  in less panels. These armchair critics are always around and they despise the fact that you actually spent more time on your art than you should have. So here's for you, editors of grief. But, seriously, be better humans.

And here's a super secret Lynch cut:


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