215. Midterm Madness

I pity the people the GOP pander to. If their messaging is about being anti-woke, who are they trying to appeal to, the asleep? They’re anti-Antifa, are they Profa? Would they call Hitler their daddy and ask to be spanked?

Think of the dumbed down messaging they throw around: "build the wall", "make America great again", "all lives matter". These are slogans for scared, simple people who can't handle nuance.  They think so little of their constituents that they truly believe all they have to do is put a guy like Herschel Walker on the ticket.

Republicans are not dumb, however. They have successfully sold anti-immigration to religious immigrants. There's humans in my sphere that have been both illegal immigrants and pro-Trump. Republicans make this happen by aligning with quick-bite issues du jour

Having trouble with the multiple pronouns and terms emerging out of the LGBQT community? "Join us, we don't even try!" Worried that books showing the truth about racial inequities in the USA will corrupt young children? "Hell, we don't even like reading, we'll ban books!" Can't believe all these parades and rallies didn't end up with Trump getting elected? "Election was stolen, what else will they steal from you?" They know precisely were to split society in twain.

If you let yourself be split from your fellows by this bottom-of-the-barrel, lowest common denominator messaging, perhaps you deserve being part of a smaller and smaller chunk of this great country.

In Michigan, we have a candidate called Tooter Dicks-On, or something. She’s so anti abortion, some GOP Christians are like ‘tone it down a notch’. She’s making this election way too easy to win. I believe competition is a healthy way to get better candidates, but with candidates like her no one is better off. Count me in to whichever side these crazies are not in.


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