228. Braidzilla

I love classic fairy tales. Even as a child, I wanted the straight up gore-filled authentic fairy tales. Children painfully murdered, stepmothers horribly abusing their new kids, incarceration, cannibals, give me that hardcore horror. It's easy to see how these tales might have taught kids not to jump into whatever the 1800's version of a van with tinted windows was. Even Rapunzel was all about human trafficking and follicular torture. The dude that tries to save her falls into a thorny bush and loses his eyes. 

And of course, many of these tales introduced the biggest horror of them all: the happily ever after. Typically this occurs when people marry rich and move to a castle. As but a wee child, I felt like this was a terrible thing to push... that you'll only be happy when you marry. Why doesn't Snow White become a renowned novelist? Why can't Rapunzel be an interior decorator? Sleeping Beauty could be a marketing director for Ghostbed. All these ladies could be independently wealthy, but no, they have to be whisked away by some dude?

As an adult, I believe it's horrifying because it seems like just another prison. After years of torture and pain, they get rewarded with royal duties and preset schedules? I can guarantee these ladies just wanna party for a while. Play the field, discover things. Perhaps being in the 1% is not for them. 

And yes, my faithful readers, this is now my second comic to feature a drain snake! The first one was here. What would Freud say about my fascination for these wobbly sticks?


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