236. Light Fantasy

What is it about these times? Almost everyone I talk to is considering some type of career move or has recently made a move for something different. Is it my cohort? (Genx), my age group (forties) or the world at large (Earth)?

Is this what they called midlife crisis, or are we starting to look for meaning in work? 'Good luck finding significance in work', say the boomers. I have a feeling many boomers just enjoyed work as away to escape their spouses. Some, probably did it for the acquisitive power.  The desire to own things and keep up with an invisible rival seem to be a trend of post war generations, not mine*. 

So far, I've found that the jobs that would fill my soul more would not fill my pockets enough to retire early and travel around comfortably. And the jobs that would fill my pockets seem like they have personal space issues. I'm currently ok with my job but it sucks out all the social energy I have to give. Management is a vampire for sure. 

My wife and I fantasize about a great many things career related, perhaps one day we will pull a trigger, buy the ticket and take a ride. Happy humpday everybody!

*I say this as an owner of most gaming consoles since 1977 without a hint of hypocrisy. I guess my brain rationalizes this as I'm buying experiences, not things to show the world. 


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