242. Beauty Standards

In college, late nineties, I wrote a sophomoric paper about beauty standards and how the size of the ideal woman was shrinking. My whole life until then things were standardizing down to skinny and pale. Heroin chic was a thing. I believe that things are changing a little bit. Back then, the attempts to revitalize beauty standards were led by Benetton, a company whose solution was to jam together skinny girls of all colors.  

Lately, you are seeing different bodies, faces and even skin conditions in billboards and, man, does it give me joy. One day even a pear shaped boy like me could be seen sporting tighty whiteys for all you ladies out there! 

It only took like 40 years. I wonder why it takes so long to curb some things. Or should I say 'curve' in this context?

Next in my list of things that I would love to see before I die:

  1. Metric system adopted in the US
  2. Tipping culture cancelled (fair wages)
  3. LGBTQ humans don't have to fight for their basic rights 
  4. Enragement doesn't equal engagement in social media
  5. Religion doesn't have a grip on the republican party or vice versa
  6. No more plastic single use items


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