247. Deus Sex Scandalum

I've always been interested in mythology. It's often I wonder why the myths and legends from Egypt, Greece/Rome and the Norse get relegated to the fictional status of mythology, but the Old Testament, Buddhism and Islam became religions of current relevance. What made people go like ‘yeah that's too out there, I'll stick with my magic trumpets and the guy who turns water to wine and makes zombies.’

If you’re into mythology, I highly recommend Stephen Fry's audiobook, Mythos. He knows the subject incredibly well for a funny man, and he combines a breezy narrative with minute details around etymology and even disentangles competing narratives. 

Learning mythology is one of those few things in this Post-Post Modernism that can make you say, 'our reality could be far worse'. Can you imagine, not only dealing with stupid, greedy humans but also with stupid, greedy deities? Not that crazy, come to think of it, as present day billionaires DO have some supernatural powers when it comes to avoiding consequences for their actions. 

Many of the Greek tales start with a god being horny for someone.  Zeus was horny, yadda yadda yadda, that’s why peacocks have eyes in their feathers. The yadda yadda yadda, however; includes bestiality, murder, and sexual assault. The tale of Io, which this comic references, is a perfect example of the banality of godly motivation that had huge repercussions for humanity. 

Extra panel: 

Zeus is giving his speech in front of four seasons landscaping. 


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