261. Growing Pains

Listen, making fun of old people isn't right. I'm old people. The best-case scenario for each and every one of us is to become old people.  My comedic wrath is being brought upon the group of people born in the United States at around the same time who are currently old. The people that were Woodstock adjacent, yet aged to show the same prejudices and pearl-clutching that they endured as young people. They lived through Stonewall and are now going to school boards complaining that there's books telling kids that it's ok to be gay. 

I will never understand how someone born in the 50s or 60s could be considered the reliable voting block for Donald Trump in the United States. Their parents fought or survived WWII, they witnessed civil rights history and yet here they are, stanning for proto-Hitler.

As an immigrant, let me tell you, the fact that Trump is back on the airwaves hasn’t been fun. Direct assaults to the quality of my blood were not on my 2023 bingo card but here we are. And with birth rates declining all over, I don't understand why closing the doors to motivated, able-bodied individuals is the major platform attracting so many in the United States. There has to be better options than demonizing immigrants, but it would take a functional congress.


I have taken quite a long break from drawing and you might think it’s because of my high stress/high reward new job… but no. The real reason is far more appropriately banal: Baldur’s Gate 3! It’s been so long since a game had its clutches on my imagination and joy! What a treat, that 100 hour playthrough was! Just a pleasure from beginning to end. It took every single one of my available hours plus some of my unavailable ones in this past month. But my fequently naked gnome saved the day and made many friends along the way. Highly recommended for any one of you who love fantasy settings and good storytelling.





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