266. Collateral Splashing

We recently installed a bidet in in our toilet. It was one of those external thingies you install between the toilet lid and the base. It was a fun project for us, we learned a lot about fighting in confined spaces. 

It took me a few weeks before I could use it without giggling. This thing has no chill, you either preserve your butt integrity or you get blasted a couple of inches into undiscovered country. After a couple of weeks, though, it did become part of my routine. I soon noticed the collateral splash and I haven't stopped mentioning it, to my own (and only my own) amusement.

This comic is an homage to Larry David’s humor and lasting appeal. 

Like many of you, I’ve been on a Curb your Enthusiasm joyride lately. For some reason, I wasn’t interested in the show until recently, even though Larry David rants are extremely and historically resonant with me. I think my favorite part of the show is Cheryl’s disappointed/harried face and LD’s inability to detect it while riffing on something inane. It’s uncanny how realistically they portray that dynamic.  

I do wonder though, what came first… self absorbed man babies that love the sound of their riffs or Larry David. Did he predict us or did he describe us? Or even scarier… did he create us?

I believe Larry David will be remembered for generations to come and I'm glad he's made so much content. If you haven't checked Curb, check it. It's pretty, pretty good. 

P.S: This is the sign we had to put on our bathroom after some rowdy houseguests:


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