78. Blinded and Tied

This weekend my brethren were literally in the dark. It’s hard being here and speaking for the ones that are left behind, but this is what it feels when people tell me Venezuela should fend for itself. Inspired by a talk with my friend Raquel.

English Version:


  1. I haven't heard anyone say Venezuela should fend for itself, but it sounds like the language of trolls so it must come from the right. The ideals of Socialism continue to be synonymous with fascism and the literal destruction of any opposition, and are, for the popular mind in the US at least, taboo. I think one true thing is that people are too flawed for pure socialism to work. Capitalism "capitalizes" on the same greed that destroys Socialism, and I don't think that is any better. Both systems need laws to protect all who reside in the country, not just the few who rule. And these laws need to be strictly enforced. So far, that seems to work in most "First World" countries.

  2. I couldn't agree more with that. Pure socialism is impossible in the same universe that we have people that want gold plated Iphones. The responsible solution is to give a path to those hyperambitious people that makes them achieve prosperity but at the same time benefit society. Taxation is a form of that, but we should think even bigger, like bonuses for their average employee wage, how green they are and how they are embracing diversity.


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