136. Maturity

I never said I was a mature person. Sometime in the middle of this anxiety around a new job and new responsibilities, this moment came and brought me more joy than you can imagine. Yes, dear readers, the name of my city has a phallic acronym. The good old City of Kalamazoo is the COK. I know, my fortune knows no bounds. I absolutely have not stopped thinking about this since it happened. Here are a few of my favorite usages:

"The COK shrinks in size during the winter months."
"The COK has grown in the past few years."
"The COK was erected in 1829, thanks to Titus Bronson."
"The COK is full of pharmaceuticals."
"The COK is no stranger to humidity."
"When you think of the COK, think of beer."

Please feel free to indulge me with your ideas in the comments!

I even made a shirt to commemorate this righteous moment in our history.

Extra Panel:

It looks like this


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