169. Jackpot

I'm not spiking my morning coffee if that's what you're wondering. I am, however, definitely drinking more now than the before times. We used to go out a lot, and I got most of my drink-on out there. It has not been the same without a place to gargle my griefs with grog. My fridge and bar are stocked with a lot more happy juice these days. 

I've been asking around. I'm not alone. This is what we originally called the second wave, a stealthy mental health undertow that could suck us up. If you are reading this, you are likely shook up. And this time you can't blame it on the mediocrity of my comics. 

The good thing is this: People ARE sharing their levels of anxiety. We are all there. Do we vary in our response? Yes. I make bad drawings of bad situations mocking my own issues. Some people crochet and stuff.

Everyone, including your Facebook perfect friends seem to be experiencing a connected restlessness. Yes, them. That family that is always together, smiling, playing on tire swings in a woodsy hideout under soft rays of near-dusky light. They are having toe-tapping kitchen table discussions about schooling and job prospects and fear for their parents.

There are times to act impervious and there are times to connect with others. Lets see what happens when we cut through the bull and share during these times. At work, one coworker opened up during a morning huddle and it changed everything. It opened the door to be vulnerable and open and I hope you get that opportunity at your work. 

I'm here to talk if you need to.  

Extra Panel:

Nosferahua is based on this little feller, our Corona-pup: Conan the Chihuahua. Eggplant added to protect his dignity.


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