168. Flocking Idiots

The most frustrating thing about these people is that they’re almost displaying intelligence. Doubt and curiosity are healthy and necessary elements of scientific thinking. And yes, we have witnessed and been made privy of horrible things like MK Ultra, the Tuskegee Study and Trump being made president which make us doubt agencies and governments.  But the gap between the facts, “the world really dislikes Trump“, to the conclusions, “COVID is a hoax to undermine Trump”; this gap is bigger than the gap between Trump’s IQ compared to his predecessor’s. Unbridgeable. 

Wether it’s Dunning Kruger effect (like I displayed in one of my earlier comics) or meek mental mettle; these people can stop being funny (like when Buzz Aldrin punched one of them) and start getting dangerous at times. People have followed Fox and OAN’s trails to endanger other people. People are refusing to vaccinate their children due to ridiculous claims. Soon, these people will not vaccinate for COVID, which will be the only way we can all get out of this raging hellhole of anxiety and stagnation. 

And the thing is, they are almost useful. If their research wasn’t so biased, they could assist with journalism and fact aggregations. If their conclusions didn’t dictate their efforts they could create great experiments. How do we bring them into the fold?

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