181. Spreading

This year has been rough. I’m not going to list the ways it has been awful for most of us. Okay, I will, because I love lists:
Fires, RBG, COVID, unemployment, stress, Trump, police killings, tabloids, lost children, friends lost in cults, being home-bound, finding out Kirstie Alley is a gender-bent James Woods.

The George Floyd killing was one of the terrible things that happened, no mistaking that. However, this year, more than any other year, I found increased support for BLM. More people seem to have bought-in to the fact that Black Americans are being policed, prosecuted and punished more severely than their white counterparts. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the support this idea found, in the year of despair 2020. 

Let’s talk about Republicans, though. Only about 16% of white Republicans support BLM in some way. Compare that to 88% of white Democrats. I just don’t get the Republican philosophy. Imagine being a Republican your whole life. Over the past 4 years, you have had to stand against: the environment, net neutrality, the FBI(!), Europe (but not Russia), The New York Times (but not the New York Post), BLM, masks, people opposing fascists, scientists, trade and DACA. I don’t know how so many are still on board. It must feel like those people at Nexium that started because they thought they could do some good, but all of a sudden they’re branding their bodies and sex trafficking. I went to a CrossFit class once and ran away because they seemed too cultish; but at least they recycled tractor tires. If Democrats, or any other group, made me stand for family separations at the border or against [checks notes] staying safe during a pandemic, I would run too. And I hate running. Much more of a brisk walker. 

And seriously why did no one tell me about Kirstie Alley? I had to find out from reading one of her tweets! She was one of my first crushes! Right after my crush on James Woods. Nah just kidding, could you imagine?

Extra panel:

Maybe Republicans do struggle emotionally.



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