182. Revenge

Time is a flat circle. It's dizzying how things come back at you, like that nasty rash in your nether-regions. Speaking of rashes, let's speak about mothers.

My mother and I can irritate each other every once in awhile. I say this with full candor, but armed with the certainty that this happens to all relationships. Specially to the earliest relationship you've ever had. For example, I get irritated at her continuous concern for my wellbeing; she gets irritated at my manic driving down the wrong lane while swerving to the music. It's maddening.

And yet, I am a huge momma’s boy. In another dimension that may be an insult, but if you ever met my mom, you’d probably understand. She is intelligence, humor, courage, humility all rolled into one. I’ve spoken at length about it

I know not everyone had a role model of a mother, and I understand that. For those people I hope that they find someone who loves them unconditionally. We all deserve that, an ardent, blistering, consistent love. Like a rash.

And mom, if you’re still curious about what WAP means, please see this instructional video (hit 2020 song). I will answer no further questions.

Additional note: Yes, as a kid I was very religious. I read the Old Testament and the New Testament at a very young age and believed every word of it! Then I turned 12. 

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  1. Agree with your definition of your mom. I met her when I worked at Bitor. Keep working on your "cartoons".....

  2. If I was your mom I would be worried about that ardent, blistering, consistent rash down in Netherland.


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