185. Sweet Nothings

I have often been scolded for recycling sweet nothings on others. And yet, I have the slimmest of hopes that I’m not alone here. A hope that maybe there’s other male idiots (even female idiots!) out there who make this vapid generalization error. And we can laugh together. Otherwise this comic will simply hammer down the fact that I’m a subhuman absent-minded foolboy.

Of course there is only one true love in my life! But there’s so many cute things things around me that it’s hard to reserve terms. All I can say is that my wife is the only cute Roxanne that I have in my periphery, so I’ll never use her sweet nothings on another Roxanne! This I can almost swear.

Rox: I love you mi bebecita linda!

Extra Panel:

So, the elephant in the room is a PS5 (get it? because it’s large). The reason I haven’t been drawing as frequently as before is not anxiety. It’s not increased booze intake. Sure, both of those things are around, but the main culprit is that I am loving my time with my PS5. I played and finished Persona 5, finally defeated Red Dead Redemption, Co-opped Sackboy with Rox and poured many hours into Kingdom Come! “Those are not PS5 exclusive games!” you may say, accurately. “Still, I’ve enjoyed them more than the launch PS5 titles for now, you judgmental prick!”, I’d bark back.

Another thing going in our life is the board game Gloomhaven! We’ve upped our complexity level a notch with our board games and we are loving it. Wish my Mindthief and Roxanne’s Brute good luck in our persistent adventures!


  1. What bugs me about your cartoons is when a head turns one way the eye that sticks out is on the opposite side, but when it turns the other way the eye sticking out is again on the opposite side. We never get to see those stretched-out optic nerves.


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