198. Michelin Man

This comic started when I saw the reviews to a fancy tapas restaurant in Miami. They were what you would expect. "This item had the most pleasant flavor I've put inside my mouth since I was a child in Kentucky trying chicken fried chicken for the first time, but the portion size was so small! 1/5 stars."

People sometimes conflate value with money and size, and it's clear that in the United States, that is absolutely true for dining out. Buffet culture is crazy up in here. It's like a competition! And of course, I as a traveler have tried to adopt the culture of the place I'm in. But honestly, I've never been to a buffet I didn't regret. 

Portion sizes in the US will have to change. The downsides are too much: Obesity, supply chain constraints and a constant glorification of the big and cheap. How do we make this change? Do we make McDonalds 1/4 pounder (the gold standard in food prices) a 1/5 pounder? Do we make it more expensive? I don't trust humans to make the right choices, because I'm a human and I can't seem to make the right choice ever.

Anyway, I did got to the restaurant in Miami and the portion sizes were actually pretty dang small. So I get the guy from Kentucky. But honestly, it was so delicious I can still taste it. And that's worth reducing your risk of diabeetus a little, right?

Extra panel: Thanks, Shan, I hated the mental image when you proposed it, so I had to draw it.

Also, I made an NFT from this comic, just for funsies. I’ll definitely make a loss from it, but I wanted to navigate the blockchain waters a bit. 


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