214. Party Animals

Before 2020 we were normal people. We never even considered having a small dog, let alone two. As the coronavirus raged, we found ourselves in a narrowing corridor that led to the acquisition of the weirdest, most undogly of beings. I still don't understand their place in the universe, which works out well because I don't understand my place in the universe.

One time, as a youngster, my friends and I were inexplicably burdened with the care of a peer who had ingested copious amounts of LSD. Those harrowing hours are the closest I've ever been to what my current life is right now. These beings oscillate between trying to murder your face and being the most adorable things I've ever held.  They go berserker mode on animals 10x their size. They drop down and ask for belly rubs, posing like hairy French girls. These are unknowable beings. 

We have less friends now that we did before COVID. Is it because of COVID or our monsters? Social distancing or simply avoiding the 'chihuahua people'? I don't know but I plan to weaponize them for control of our personal space!

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  1. Excellent man.
    Loved it.
    Thanks much,
    Dick Malott


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