219. Side Defects

This is one of the greatest ironies in the pharmacological world. Through sheer happenstance they found a medication that actually helps with depression symptoms. However, one of the most common side effects is the inability to achieve a literal orgasm, or to want to participate in sex. So you finally get the energy to say yes to that orgy e-vite, but you can't actually enjoy it as much.

To this day it's not like I advertise that I'm on medication. Nobody does, even though as much as 13% of ALL adults in the US take them. And it's more staggering the older you get. 

What is that shame that comes along with needing something external to stifle the darkness? 

I know part of the answer. The moment you mention you're taking medication, there's 100 voices telling you that you wouldn't be depressed if you just exercised more, ate better, meditated, joined a club, found jesus, wrote, cooked, lifted, art-ed, cut social media, hire a life coach, went to a specific therapist, worked harder. It's just great for your depression when everyone thinks that you're just not doing enough, so mum's the word for most people suffering from depression.

My view now is not to worry about it. Take them when if you need them, drop them when you don't. Do whatever the hell you can do to make your life better. Just don't contribute to the shaming. Every person is an island and every sky is different. 

And sorry for this extra panel in advance.


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