255. Urge to Purge

My wife is a planner. She moves into the right lane as early as she can for a right turn, which could be 10 blocks or more away. She tests camping equipment weeks before camping. She has a paper planner... in the year of our lord 2023. She often checks menus before getting to the restaurant. She receives the first dose of the flu shot available in the United States every year.

That's why I find these events hilarious. She knows she has a bladder and she knows that it needs to be emptied. And yet, in a few occurrences, she waits right to the seconds before a deadline to get it done.

This happened last weekend as we were taking a train from Chicago to Kalamazoo and we were waiting for a whole hour before the estimated time in which we would be escorted single file into our train. Well she got the urge to purge seconds before we were escorted! And I, being the dependent (non-ticket having) husband, had to wait for her.

The end result is never bad, but my anxiety gets a jolt. It's these moments that make me love her more, however. I have my wife in a pedestal of organization and being-on-top-of-it-iveness, and these moments remind me that she is indeed made of the same stuff as me. I love her even more then!

The backgrounds are the Chicago Union Station, a beautiful building that would leave denizens of Westeros and Narnia with their jaws agape! We have built beautiful buildings in this country. We were there to see Peter Gabriel with her fabulous sister and brother-in-law. They accept me even though I kept telling people we were seeing Peter Frampton. 


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