127. Flawless-ish

My wife truly is as close to perfect for me as I can even imagine. That’s why I relish on the few, beautiful flaws she has. The way she says “Jewlery” instead of “Jewelry”, her creative pronunciation of “Realtor”, her terrible choice in a husband; all this makes her even more magnificent to me.

I never liked Superman. Not even Alan Moore, one of my favorite writers, could make this boyscout interesting. After a lifetime of mistakes, I discovered the reason why. He’s too dang perfect. I like my fictional heroes to have huge gaping flaws. Perhaps this says more about me than a real critique towards the god archetype.

At work, one of the things I fight against the most is perfectionism. We are often so worried about getting a mythical perfect product that often times we drop improvements. “Don’t let perfect get in the way of better” ranks right up there with “make it a double” and “Sorry, I’m foreign” among my most uttered phrases.

So that’s my bias against perfection. If I waited to be perfect with my comic drawing skills before sharing them with you, I may never have done so. Every crappy comic I put out there, every piece of feedback I get makes me a better, happier person. And my comics, arguably, get infinitesimally better.

Extra Panel:

Getting a second date is probably the most mysterious thing that’s ever happened to me.


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