262. Game Theory


I'm not a catch. If you've learned anything from reading my comics, is that my only saving grace is that I'm self-aware. My life's journey is to be a better catch for my invisible judge. It just so happens that my invisible judge, when I squint my eyes, looks a lot like my beloved Roxanne.
Being a better person is a reliably fun goal to have. The popular ones are fine, like losing weight, making more green and getting swole. However, being a better human will never stop. You will always have room for improvement. And if you’re like me, you can have multiple lifetimes of goals! 
Some of the goals I’ve had: Be less judgmental, be less of a smarty pants, meet new people, be present at dinner. I’ve supported these goals with some environmental queues, like this in my mirror (you may need to zoom in):

One societally normalized thing I’m doing this year is participating in dry January. I’ve long been aware that I use alcohol to make up for my introversion and shyness. The extent of how much I use it has been quite surprising (and it’s only been a week!). Also of note is how often I say “I need a drink” after a particularly harrowing zoom meeting. Learning and accepting things about yourself should never get old, as denial is the enemy of change. 

Am I ‘fixed’? No... I still get an “actually…” stuck in my throat every now and then. I still look at a red Trump hat and feel sorry about the wearer's IQ. And just like in this comic, I still say the wrong thing at times. Am I a catch? No. But I'm looking at the mirror and inching myself to better.

The dialogue system is brought to you by D&D inspired computer role playing games, specifically Baldur's Gate 3 which was just an absolute joy to play, and I won't get tired of repeating it.


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