263. Scents and Sensibility

So, I wrote and drew this one under the debilitating effects of sobriety. As we approach the end of our self-imposed experiment (dry January), a few of things are apparent. First, it was difficult. It being difficult was the point. I think it’s important to realize what has a hold of you and to what extent. I use alcohol for destressing and sometimes to enhance other things, like dining and gaming. Second, I can see why some people choose the chaste path of sobriety. In general, I found  myself to be more emotional and a bit down during this period. Before figuring out more about the effects of boozing , I think I need to understand more about the effects of sobriety. Why did I find myself so sensitive to despair and negativity this month?  I had to live with it for a whole month, without the seductive embrace of alcohol. What is affecting my mood so? 

For all intents and purposes  I have a life that has exceeded my expectations. I get to travel and eat weird  things and play with unique dogs and talk to the love of my life every day. So why do some months kick my ass as hard as January has? With therapy I have identified that I’m extremely mean to myself with my self talk… but we have never figured out why. 

Perhaps the why isn’t as important as we think it is. 

What’s important is that if I ever gave up, in whatever form that would take (including overindulging on substances), I would miss on some beautiful tomorrows. Because they’ll come. In fact, even in this dreary month I had some beautiful todays. 

Like the day Roxanne and I tried to capture the full spectrum of color in the reflection on our non alcoholic drinks:

I took this one
Rox took this one

I guess what I’m trying to say is that things are always going to get worse and things are always going to get better. And if you are feeling down this dreary month, you are not alone. There's always something to take joy with or someone to commiserate with. 

Oh and enjoy my stupid comic about dogs smoking weed. 


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