122. Sight Seeing

These last few eternities we have been in an Alaskan cruise ship. My wife and I aren't exactly cruise folk. We like to make our plans and build our own adventures with as little people around us as possible when on vacation. We are definitely not minglers at the promenade kind of people.

That said, this trip has been magical. Seeing whales and bears and cracking glaciers has been a unique experience when combined to the absolute decadence of a cruise ship. Want to have three lunches composed of desserts? It’s OK, in this lumbering, luxury liner. Two dinners, one of New York pizza and the other of Malaysian fare? You absolutely can in this bloated floating city.  At least my wife has gone to the gym thrice in this geriatric grand ship.

Me, I’ve been failing at the one thing I thought I could do: Drink my 15 drinks a day provided by my drink package. My record is 12. Today is our last day and I hope I can do it! Edit: I got 13 and a Perrier ☹️

We saw whales. Lots of whales. From the cruise ship and in a tour we took in Juneau. I would highly recommend a whale watching trip in Juneau at around this time of year (end of summer). We even saw a a whale breach! That indelible, impossible and incongruent image; lasting but a second or two, was all I’ve ever needed. 

Still, one of our most emotional moments on this trip happened when our cat sitter sent us a video of our fur babies meowing. 

Extra Panel: 

Even whales can’t deny.
 I’m obsessed with vertical whales since our tour guide Grace (the former herpetologist) described them lovingly in our Juneau trip.


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