132. Warning: Adult Situations

Nobody tells you about the awkwardness. When your messy personal life collides with your orderly adult life, sparks can be generated that ripple through your existence. Like the time nudity escaped the censors at YouTube in the video playlist I was displaying in my wedding. Or when kids swear like a sailor after perhaps 2 minutes with my wife and me.  

Having condo meetings, being in a board, having a trust, paying off my student loans. These are incredibly adulty things that feel alien to me. And yet, we are doing these things. The me from 5 years ago would be like “what? no, stop!” 

I couldn’t be more proud of us though. We are doing the things. We are continuously confused, but we are doing the things.  

Is privilege a big (huge) part of where I am right now? You betcha. And I do feel guilt. Only by giving back, my time and money, do I feel a little bit less guilt. In a perfect world, everybody should be allowed the freedom of choice and the support I had throughout my life. In a perfect world, everybody should get to the level of self-actualization I am reaching. 

That’s why Roxanne and I would cheer for people if they eliminate or reduce student debt, even though I paid my share. We would welcome affordable healthcare, even if we’ve had to pay through the roof during our lives.We will not be the “Screw you, I got mine” generation. Let everybody have a chance to become awkward adults. 

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