142. Topsy-turvy

Uncertainty is a way of life for me. At work, I don’t assume I know the right way to proceed. Because I don’t. All I know is what  has worked in the past, under different circumstances, with different people. That’s not enough for me to be like, “yeah, this is what needs to be done.” 

And yet, many leaders I have met exude certainty. And for some of them, it works. They sell me on their vision and their tactics and I gladly serve that higher purpose. The true test for me is when they screw up, which will happen to everyone. This will be the mark of a true leader. Will they respond to data and change course? Or will they produce a Friends spinoff feauturing Joey?

That’s why I can’t stand President Trump. He is not one to show uncertainty. He has never admitted to being wrong. He never changes course. I have no faith in his ability to learn and adapt. From the very beginning, I would not follow this guy to an open bourbon bar. 

Sometimes I envy the simplicity of knowing exactly what you had to do to succeed in your day, and becoming really adept at it. So here’s to you, I hope I one day feel that way about my work. My day job, not the cartooning thing. I will never know WTF I’m doing here. And I’m ok with that.

Extra Panel:

Perhaps things are not as they seem.



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