145. Sick Day

Roxanne and I have two cats rooming with us. They are both females and they both eat though their mouths and defecate through their butts. That’s were the similarities end. 

When we use a laser pointer on them, our muted, brown tortoiseshell cat looks straight at the pointer and then straight at our souls. She knows what’s up.

The white fluffy cat, she is still waiting for the laser dot to come back in the place she saw it last. 2 weeks ago.  I am certain she will start a new religion around the phantom dot.

The brown cat, or Khaleesi, as she likes to be addressed, is a shrieking nightmare, all gnawing and all knowing. She inspires comics like these.

The white cat, or Eris, she is a needy nightmare. She is all wanting and all demanding. She inspires comics like these.

And yet, Roxanne and I are all about them. They're the best non-humans we know. 

Extra Panel: 

Eris would make a very cute Sikh, if it wasn't for her selfishness, neediness and lack of self control.


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