147. Signs

My job is hard to explain. Some days I am a leadership coach. Some days I am a project manager. Some days I am a business analyst. And all of those things require additional explanation and modulation. I often cherish the simplicity of people who can say they are dentists, janitors, or cops. A few syllables is all it takes for them!

Additionally, I don’t like talking about work when I am not at work.  What’s the point of my meticulously separated buckets if I allow people to pierce through them with the World’s most popular small talk question? We are what we do, but sometimes our work isn’t even a third of what we do, contrary to what the clock may say.

So I am particularly dodgy about that question. I like to think it adds a sense of mystery, but it also gives me space.

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Another point of view

Also, I’ve made some magnets so you can make your own crazy scene in the fridge! Get them here! 


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