170. Games

I have never been able to mainline reality. For me it always has to be cut with absurdity and humor. Whether that is a flaw of reality or of myself, it’s the way it has always been. If you’re able to ingest the stuff with no additives or enhancers, kudos to you. 

It always fascinates me how inseparable depression and humor are. The great podcast  “The Hilarious World of Depression” laid that bare for me. Why is it that these go together so frequently? The causal path is probably that depression causes humor, as a way to escape or provide layers between yourself and reality. This is only conjecture on my part, don’t make the mistake many people have done and take me too seriously.

As COVID rages on in this year of our lord twentytwenty, I can only hope that you are doing ok. Our mindscapes are being toyed with 24/7 through the double threat of a nature based killer and a human based circus of  mendacity and conflict. If we didn’t have Sarah Cooper or any of the other creative things bred from self-captivity I wouldn’t be able to deal. 

My only goals at present are to become the man that deserves my wife and to become good enough at this webcomic stuff to be able to take you away from the world, even for a split second.
Extra Panel:

If you’re still here, check out these masks I made based on my characters! I’m also working on new magnets.  

I was able to create a font based on my handwriting thanks to Caligraphr, and I am using new paper textures from these guys. Go Estonia!

Thanks to all of you who have said words of kindness, shared my comics and given me constructive feedback along the way; it’s the fuel that keeps this dumpster fire billowing smoke every week(ish).


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