171. Worn Out


41% of adults in the United States approve of Donald Trump as of the writing of this blog post. 42% of adults in the United States say they will vote for him this November. I am telling them to get bent in this comic. I never said I was good at this whole create-a-following aspect of creating webcomics.

When he got elected, I really hoped for the best, to the annoyance of my more leftist friends. I trusted that the system of checks and balances wouldn't let his flippant cruelty become policy. And for the most part it hasn't, but the effects that his intentions have had on the psyche of many of us is as indelible as his pronunciation of Yosemite. 

There is a lot of fake news around this president, I will never deny that. There is fake news about everything these days, including stories denying the benefits of wearing a barrier between your saliva fountain and other saliva fountains. The things that are terrifying and monstrous about this president are not fake news, however.

Here’s my top 10, indisputable Trump facts that make him unelectable and his supporters terrifying.

  • He terrorized hundreds of thousands of our neighbors that were brought to this country by no fault of their own. The Dreamers. I've met some. Imagine not knowing if you can stay in the only home you've known because of the whims of a cruel leader. It has been a hellish rollercoaster for them. 
  • He pushed for a healthcare reform that would not include protections for pre-existing conditions. He hid it in "allowing the states to make their own decisions", that old Republican way of repealing things. McCain saved us from that catastrophe. This week he wrote an executive order to protect pre-existing conditions, a transparent and unnecessary move since Obamacare already does that.
  • He started the family separation policy at the border. It is not fake news that his administration did this.
  • He pulled out of the Paris agreement, a global symbolic pact with some teeth. We could have been a leader in this arena, but he chose smog and coal.
  • He both sided Charlottesville.
  • He pettily belittled John Lewis' contributions to civil rights.
  • He sided with armed mobs in Michigan asking for a reopening that would have killed many people.
  • His negligence with COVID is a matter of record and an objective failure that made his approval lower.
  • He removed health protections for transgendered folks and banned transgender folks from serving in the military.
  • His personal life includes adultery, misogyny, hush money and liasons with scum like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane. However, he convinces throngs of people that he is on the side of God. I’ve only seen dangerous people do that. 

If you don't believe in the above, you're not following him closely enough. If you believe in the above but think it's worth it because of a reduction of regulations and the way he angers decent people, you are an a-hole. Get bent.

Extra panel:

More family separations.


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