175. A Little Perspective

Have I been nauseating enough about our Coronapups? I’m gonna go with no. 

We’ve had our dobergoblins (Conan and Xena) for the last four months and all I can say is that they’ve changed us. Roxanne and I look at each other and wince at what we have become.  

There’s not an hour of the day in which these dogs aren’t an extension of our bodies. Furry, needy, whiny extensions. And what do we do with this dependent behavior? We encourage the hell out of it.

Over the last month we’ve done incredibly disgusting things like: 

  • Bought them little tiny sweaters 
  • Put them in pouches attached to our sweaters
  • Smuggled them into restaurants
  • Handcrafted some masks for them
  • Hiked with them on our backpack
Only one of those is a lie. We are so screwed.

Extra Panel: 

They are our world. 


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