103. Bilingual Fail

Being bilingual is not always all fun and games. Some of the problems I've had because of being bilingual are:
  • Hearing people talk about me when they think I can't understand.
  • Being confused by two sets of grammar rules that make no sense.
  • Being the de-facto guide if travelling to a country that speaks a language I know.
  • Becoming the target of racism.
Yep. Racism. The only instances of racism that I have experienced in the United States are when someone detects my accent or hears me talking to someone in Spanish. In a very memorable one, a man with a red hat (pre Trump, there must be something about red) asked what the hell I was doing in his country. I answered "To take your jobs and bang your women". Some friends I was with defended me from what would have been the pounding of my drunken life.

The few cases where I've experienced this made me realize how bad some minorities have it. I've felt belittled and hated by another human due to my birth place, it is not a great feeling. A combination of anger, shame, hate and fear. Please examine yourself to make sure you don't make others feel this way.

Here's the extra panel: Alternate Universe joke!


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