99. Peopled Out

It may come to a surprise to you, my dear readers, that this infantile web comic author is an introvert. Like 99% of the people creating stuff on the Internet. Isn’t it weird how accepted introversion is these days? As a young man, no one talked about introverts and people most definitely didn’t self identify as introverts often. But here we are. Almost every web comic has tinges of social ineptitude, desire for isolation and comfort in blankets. Could it be that creating pictures for people attracts a particular personality type? Or is it that we are all introverted at some point, especially when perusing the world wide web? Alas, we may never know.

Fact of the matter is, I am an introvert inside and outside the web. And not the sexy type either. I’m the type that can isolate for long periods of time and become unkempt and bereft of the social graces. Some times I can braid my ear hairs and have nails to rival my cats. I am very lucky to know amazing people that understand me and either force themselves on me when I’ve been in the fortress of solitude too long (thank you) or let me be when I need to be alone. 

The fact that I am introverted and asocial does not mean that I am an asshole or antisocial, which is a mistake many people make. Not wanting to hang out with people is not equal to not liking people or not being charming and affable. I love people and I am pretty nice and people do seem to like me. I’m not saying that’s false. But 9/10 times I prefer to be by myself or with my wife (who feels like an extension of me).

About that poster. That’s Khaleesi. When I let her in my room, she doesn’t let me sleep. She plays with whatever she can find at 3:00 AM. I lock her out of the room some nights, but the guilt trip she gives me the next morning is something else. She is the being I’ve loved the most that I have fantasized about strangling the most.

Here’s the secret panel, it’s her.


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