154. Unmasking

The whole mask situation has been a little confusing. The CDC told you not to wear them at the onset of this pandemic and others have urged you to do the opposite. So what gives? Dr. Price, with his sexy oval face (like yours truly), mentions what I believe is the main benefit of getting a mask: It will train you not to touch your face. That's the main way he believes we are getting this disease in the community. How many of us just now realized how often we touch our stupid faces? Having a mask will bring awareness to that behavior, and prevent skin to skin contact.

I work in healthcare so I understand why the CDC recommended not using them at the outset. We are in a PPE crisis. There are not enough masks to protect the people who really need them, the front line caregivers. Urging everyone to wear masks at the beginning of this pandemic would have further disrupted that flow. If we couldn't get our toilet paper hoarding under control, just imagine the far more precious masks. The CDC is signalling to us that they may recommend more mask usage in the near future, though.

If you are thinking of getting one, either get a handmade one or a fun one that covers your mouth. Remember, masks like these won't protect you from someone coughing into your head holes, please reserve the ones that do for healthcare personnel. Better yet, donate any you have. This is the one I am currently wearing, which has many advantages.

One of the advantages is that it makes the 6 feet rule a cinch to follow. Ain't nobody getting close to me when I'm wearing this.

Extra panel:

She loves me though.


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