155. Time Off

This week, I am not anxious. I find that extremely surprising, given the weird apocalypse-adjacent adventure we are experiencing. It really is about knowing that we are all going through the same thing that gives me strength. By this point, we all know people who have been affected physically by the COVID, or someone who has been left behind in the economy. We are all helping each other as much as we can in the most uncertain times many of us have experienced. I am not known for my optimism, but I truly feel we will come back stronger. We will appreciate communication more, we will be more informed about infection control and we will focus on the important things.

This is one of my series of comics that have homunculi,  personified abstractions of my issues or my mental processes. I am often drawn to that style as I work through my demons. I hope you enjoyed the comic!

Extra Panel:

This harkens back to Awkwardo, my personified social awkwardness. He’s in heaven right now. Roxanne and I noticed that because we are socializing less, we are forgetting words and spelling. Give us a few more weeks and we will be walking with our knuckles!


  1. Spot On Eduardo! Gave me a better perspective; as these challenges shall too pass.


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