110. The Anniversary

My dear readers, marriage was never in my plans. Since I had long decided to be child-free, marriage didn’t seem to be so necessary. I still don’t think it’s a necessary part of life, just do what feels right, people!

I had been with my partner for about 5 years when I popped the question. We were on a wonderful vacation in Asia and there came a moment in which I couldn’t think of anything other than asking her to marry me. I bought a cheap-ass (wow hyphens are important) ring from the street and popped the question out while in a pool by ourselves. It came out of nowhere, and as an absolute surprise to both of us. 

In terms of compatibility, I had never met anyone like her. She laughs at my shitty jokes, while belting out far superior material. She likes to kick ass at work and kick ass at relaxing. She has taught me many amazing things, from craft beer to spicy food. She is the person who I want to grow up to be, most of the time. She swims and splashes between the oceans of of bad-assery and the seas of kindness with the grace and beauty of a water nymph. To see the world through her eyes is to see infinite devotion to her tribe and a special sense of clarity about what needs to be done for them.

Swearing my undying love publicly was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I would wholeheartedly recommend this or similar ceremony when you find someone whose whole existence makes you wonder about the cosmos.

Cohabiting, now that’s another story.  I’d say I’d only recommend that to anyone who suffers from an extremely high self-esteem about their abilities to exist with others. Because that shit is going to get dented.

We both had our houses that we owned and loved. We had lived on our own for many, many years and we liked it.  However, we decided to move in one year after we got married, because we saw a combination of financial benefits. 

In this past year we’ve learned that it was a miracle I’ve made it this far in life. My month long laundry process, my septically unsafe sponge storage and my tendency to confabulate when I leave clothes in the floor are all testaments of a deeply flawed person.. 

Dear readers, I am still evolving. Getting better. I don’t doubt that there are many, many new things to learn. But love is worth it. She is worth it.

Sidenote: I’m kidding about her family’s reactions. They’re the best. I love them.

Extra Panel:

I draw from experience.


  1. Congratulations to both of you! And Eduardo, you are brave to express publicly all these thoughts and reactions, but very kind of you to do so. A lot of your readers probably THINK those same things about their lives and partners but either wouldn't or couldn't say them and yet would want to if they could but can't....(Whew! Does that make sense?) And OMG! Your caricatures of people I actually know are amazing and spot on! Usually one doesn't know those represented, unless it is a U.S.President, TV personality, or someone else in the public eye. You have captured the ESSENCE of these people, in every respect but also WITH respect! I look forward to every post.


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