111. The Devil We Didn't Know

Ted Bundy's mother told her son “You’ll always be my precious son.” just before the execution. I feel like I get it now. We have a feline Bundy in our home. Her victims are electronic cables and my wife's jewelry, but make no mistake, she is deadly AF. I have also never been so much in love with an animal that has wronged me so much. 

Khaleesi (yep, should've known) has cost me around one thousand dollars on electronics so far (including an expensive wired headset). She has ruined some of Roxanne's jewelry. And what did we do about it? We bought her a little throne to sit by the window.  I don't understand who I am anymore.

When she started ripping apart everything I hold dear, I was told so many different things to try. I was told to spray vinegar on the cables. She seemed to really enjoy the taste. Like adding hot sauce to your pasta. I was told to buy protective casing. They usually were no match to her entrepreneurial spirit. The only thing that worked was changing everything to Bluetooth and not showing any fear or attachment when using cables near her.

So yes, true love is something I understand now, at a very high cost.

As I’m writing the finishing touches to this blog,  she is wedged in a Khaleesi shaped arc that I make with my arm and elbow. I feel compelled to mention the good qualities she has.
  • She does tricks! She gives high fives and responds to treats.
  • She is curious about the outside but has never once bolted or tried to escape.
  • Her hair color changes in the light from a dull brown to a bright copper.
  • She has a *distinctive* voice. We may call it a banshee cry sometimes, but it is very unique.

Here's the extra panel:

This is how we found her.

Here is she after the exorcism


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